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anastasia sia

61 Abonnenten, 54 folgen, 12 Beiträge - Sieh dir Instagram-Fotos und -Videos von Anastasia-sia (@detroyteck) an. Profile von Personen mit dem Namen Anastasia Sia anzeigen. Tritt Facebook bei , um dich mit Anastasia Sia und anderen Personen, die du kennen könntest, zu. Über Sia. Ich heiße Anastasia (kurz SIA), bin in den 30ern und wohne mit meinem Mann im schönen Stuttgart. Meine Leidenschaft für das Kochen und Backen. Also if you can, would you keep us informed if there iaresome news? I agree with you when you mention a lack of emotion in this video, but for its defense, it was the first poker wiki when she it was so confidentially engaged surrendered in the objective. She will not do it. The lilycheyxo has always been essentially empty and those But Guerlain I only get at Lilychey. But I would add: With support they perhaps would stay here. Your physique gladbach vfb not lend itself to pornography and I am admiring that fc porto champions league have never succumbed to it like so many others. Or you are just a troll. Surely a guy knowing her and still being in touch with her now and h und m wolfsburg, would a not tell these kind of stories on a public porn forum anastasia sia her. I have just seen the Babes. I like cute women. I subscribed for a 3 month subscription to give him time to install his site.

You are currently not logged in. Create a free account. You currently do not have flash installed. Anastasia Christ Dashboard Date added: Czech Republic Babe rating: July 6, 36 years old Place of Birth: Prague Country of Origin: Czech Republic Career Status: Latest Anastasia Christ Videos 5 Added on: Latest myFreeOnes Photo Sets credits.

Latest Babe Comments Showing 10 of 11 comments. Love watching this Czech babe taking big black cocks from behind! With Anastasia it would be ideal for no pill,no condom and definitely no problem-what a sperm drainer!

Anastasia Christ is truly stunning Goddess Congratulations on your 29th birthday Anastasia-you are wonderful! Show all comments Leave a comment.

That was the ultimate tease for me. And I discovered this tease in every set and movie of her. And I discovered that this is the stuff I want, that makes me hot and that is the most erotic.

In my personal agenda only Valeria A and Mila I can at least try to compete with LilyChey, and of course, Anjelica is one who is hot even in hardcore movies, I must give her that.

Every person is different, but for me hardcore movies are dry and sexless. Hardcore fans are louder and a bit more aggressive in communities, but people like me are there, a lot.

A good example is the video on lilychey. Anyway, this is a delicate subject, and however Lily chooses to express herself is fine by me! She looks amazing in the three most recent Playboy videos.

Lily is the most delightful model in artistic nudity. His work has always been based on this art, which is why I subscribed to his site.

I appreciate every single fun of me! That way she made it to a top player for years now and 2 Solo sites rarely attract new members.

It gives an already existing fanbase the opportunity to "come closer". Solo sites sell when the fanbase is huge enough. And the fanbase for LilyChey always was huge.

Playboy had six great nude art releases I really liked a lot. This discussion is as old as the wowgirl site from Diesel, maybe older. As long as pure nude art is released in direct neighborhood to more explicit stuff like masturbation or hardcore, the explicit stuff fans waste their time by coming over to nude art releases and talk about boredom.

This discussion is almost unknown at Met-Art, where pure nude art is the only thing you get. As long as the movie is uncut, I am happy.

So I am happy, you are not. But if you like, I can help you. I can give you names of models that will give you what you want. Leave him the time to install his site.

Its you guys fault for putting her on a pedestal,she knows anything she do will please you with minimal effort.

She had one good video with playboy "in good hands" but thats it, I suppose we will never see touching again. At least dont make empty promises , i know anything that comes is more or the same tease "routine" video.

Thats how i feel. Thank you a lot Jrbob1 for you patient i appreciate it a lot! A bit of patience! She resumes her site with the desire to satisfy her fans, through her comments we feel motivated.

I took a one-year subscription just to prove to him that his fans trust him. Really need a minimum of 2 updates a week, to keep people Interested.

Some interviews would be good. As well as masturbation videos. Tomorrow, in possession of my new bank card, I will choose the one-year subscription.

Thank you for responding to my comment. I talked about masturbation as a possibility to attract a maximum number of subscribers, there is no question that your work is solely devoted to this practice.

I admire what you have done since you started and hope that you will continue to offer us photos and videos of this style, based on charm and sensuality.

Your physique does not lend itself to pornography and I am admiring that you have never succumbed to it like so many others. As in January, I will subscribe for three months wishing the success of your site that I will defend with all my energy.

She makes lots of eye contact with the camera, too. I like that Lily is a bit more mature now, and is allowed to express herself as a sexual being.

The slightly more explicit photosets on Femjoy are great, too. Well, she was in Met-Arts top 10 for years and when new stuff got rare they digged so very deep in their archives to find previously unreleased sets because of the great number of fans who stay members as long as new Lily C is coming.

When the flow of updates gets more frequently and reliable, her fans will stay tuned. We only know, that a few complainers at indexxx were complaining and that the released sets have been shot within three or four days in from obviously the same photographer who was obviously not her husband.

And that that was it for three months. But obviously the success was big enough to start again in August. And now fans like me are already on board again.

Waiting eagerly for every new picture set or movie. Yeeeees this is what really like - to dance and pose it is my passion!

In large part, I agree with you. Only, in order to attract a maximum number of subscribers, it is necessary that it go in diversity.

I think that models should show, with what they feel comfortable. Under pressure no one can be at her or his best. We all know that from ourselves.

And it is definitely no wonder when hardcore fans loove Anjelica. But when for years the hardcore lovers find themselves at solo softcore sites and get angry about what they get, this is always spectacular for me.

I do not understand that. The two movies at babes do not add anything to her portfolio. If one wants masturbation, why not go the models who really love it?

Valeria A does masturbation vids that are extraordinary. Okay, it makes sense because the world is full with people who love complaining.

They never get satisfied. But that is their problem, not mine. It takes all tastes. Some want to see Lily posing as in years past, others expect something else, including masturbation.

Everyone has to find his account, so subscriptions to his site will be more numerous. Will you be talking and answering questions in any of these live shows?

You should do some videos with you talking, like interviews and other videos along these lines. It is your choice of course.. As i told i had family issues so was not available for nothing at this moment Mhh, well, I will do.

Of course I will. The new teaser movie is from DeMichelis. That alone is reference enough. Why did you not respond to some members on your site April time?

Sorry for technical issues on my web site - but as being woman not as easy for me all this IT part still learning and it takes time to fix things over there.

Well, the 4 new photos are great. A few sets of these and joining is a winning game. For me that is. I myself will wait and see what and how much happens, before I join again.

But I will join either way. I will report, for sure. A new photoset is already up, but only has four photos. Before resuming a subscription to his site, could you tell me what you think of his new video?

I will check lilychey. The birds tweet it from the twitter trees: When she needed money, she would go on to star in softcore and solo porn, but if you offer good money that can be in porn.

Yes yes, this is a good question. I cannot answer it. These sets could be from , too. But why did they release the last three ones so late?

But many sites do that. Look at Sasha P. She quit working at the end of and there was a set released at domai today.

She is no longer involved in photo shoots. She made photo sessions. Reality will talk for itself. Many pics are known, but some are new. All the material on lilychey.

She has a email address on her sia89 instagram that you could try. As Guerlain mostly, she has been my favourite model for years, so natural and pretty.

I have just seen the Babes. No, she looks like a different person and it did nothing for me. Why the lip surgery? Another random thing, the lilycheyxo Instagram seems to have a ton of fake followers, Any news about her site?

Tried to contact her on her sia89 instagram, but no reply. So safe to assume that it was probably run by a photographer turning some old photosets into money?

Woah, another new movie and set at Playboy. The situation looks very similar to: In same cases they may operate on behave of the model or together with the model, but often they are not.

In case of Anastasia, she does both nude and non-nude modeling and is a popular model and does seem to run a business www. But NextOModel says that she is working together with multiple people, including a boyfriend.

I asked her husband about the site. Do you have a source for that or is that just speculation? It is plausible given that all the content is old.

Most nude models never made their own page in the past as that was just to costly, that is only happening now as Modelcentro made it cheap and easy.

This site should have been up and running 4 or 5 years ago when she was at the peak of her popularity. She does run the site,but chooses not to update it.

On the other hand: And to me this seems to be the original Guerlain who never was that enthusiastic in her nude art work because she always had other plans and saw nude art as a interim job and not someone else who wants to milk the cow.

Woah, what an interesting idea. But it fits to the history of her different social network accounts, that were initiated but never run by her.

And it fits to the fact, that there are released a very special kind of sets, shot in a small time window of 3 or 4 days. Have you got inside knowledge?

I still hope se will consider and give us a little bit more. She has two masturbation videos on Babes. The rest is all solo nude posing.

Yep you maybe right facts is facts. Lets hope for the best Personally i think she deserves more respect and patience from you all.

So its like farting against a thunderstorm nothing you say or crying about will change anything you dreamed about. So accept the facts and make peace with that all and just remember her as a good MODEL you once knew.

Give her her freedom. Dont be so unpatient. She is still a beautiful Lady and personally i think she deserves hapiness now. So nothing you complain about will change anything.

Be more patient dammit most of you sounds like old men. Totally agree with you. When you create a site you have to bring something new, something else, for that to fall into pornography.

It will be three months since I subscribed and she added only one video, classic too. New image set has grown by 70 pics since it was released, looks like she is still stuck with slow upload.

Well she will have to update at least 2 more times before this month ends. To get me to renew!! The "Tip Me" is a standard feature of ModelCentro. I never have and never will pay to join a site that has this button.

That is wrong in my eyes - just being a bit too greedy. The lack of communication is bad too of course - there is no excuse for that.

If you want the money you have to work for it and that includes communicating with potential customers occasionally whether through twitter, instagram or whatever.

This is a minimum requirement nowadays. I have just closed my subscription which will end May 5th. I agree that it was necessary to give him time to install his site but what I blame him above all is his lack of communication with subscribers.

She has not updated it for two weeks without giving any explanation. My generosity to limits! She might have tryed it out to see how much money she could make.

At the beginning of my subscription, I asked her several questions to which she replied. She specified that there would be some videos and photos of masturbation if the number of subscribers allowed.

Since then, it no longer communicates and seen the evolution of its site, I no longer believe at all. Has she done any live chats yet?

If not when will she start? I subscribed for a 3 month subscription to give him time to install his site.

It expires and its basic content and the little that was added afterwards, does not satisfy me. She added two sets of photos on March 20 and 26 and another on April 5.

Since then, nothing more and without any communication from him. Most models stockpile material in their younger days because this career has a short lifespan.

But I do agree that she would be "in touch" with fans more often saying when a release is coming and not keeping subscribers in the dark.

A quick message and honesty could go a long way. Without interfering in her private life, it is surprising that she does not use the services of her husband, professional photographer.

In two and a half months were added 7 sets of photos and a video. We are far from one to two updates a week. Tell you what guys,I think she is really arrogant not leaving a message on her site,saying that she is running out of time updating her site About her husband being a photographer and obviously none of the sets are shot by him: Maybe a tragic story hides behind this fact, but we can only guess.

Yes, you are right. And you have every right to not renew your subscription. Without further updates I will do the same, of course.

But nude art is my hobby, not my job. I live my hobby in those parts, where it pleases and teases me. Not where I get angry.

If Guerlain is a person like any other, and she is, she has all rights to do what she wants. And to try things out and to fail here or there and then here again.

But all this complaining everywhere. Look at Anjelicas site. They argue bitterly about her new nose. This is, what makes this business very hard.

Not every model who works for being beautiful, can live with complains. With support they perhaps would stay here.

I would like that. Excuse me, but when I pay something I am entitled to be satisfied. Guerlain is a person like any other, neither more nor less.

Your answer is shocking. We have the right to be critical of the functioning of our site, insofar as we remain respectful of the person.

We were told two updates per week, except we are away. When paying for a subscription, it is normal for us to get some satisfaction.

I subscribed for 3 months, at its expiration in two weeks I will not renew it. What answer do you expect? I cannot make you think my way.

But as an admirer of Guerlain I think for her, not against her. I moved on and worked with and for the people who supported me.

That on internet and in forums most of the time crying, accusing and larmoyance rules Well to busy or not. Her husband is a professional photographer,so no excuse there.

IMO I think that website will not exist in 6 months time. I looks like to me that she is not really bothered about her fans.

I tell you what she is bothered about. Taking all the money and not even updating her website. Look what I found: Moreover, she no longer answers our questions as she did at the beginning.

It might be the make up but her lips look even bigger and more messed up in recent photos. I appreciate your comments that I find interesting.

To continue our discussion, I do not want to see Guerlain doing hardcore. My criticisms are mainly directed at the fact that it brings no novelty in the sets that it proposes to us.

By creating her own site, to attract many subscribers, she should have included one or two scenes of masturbation. Sasha P which I find superb has realized some and I have never found it vulgar.

I agree that she had to force her nature in the two that she did for Babes, the little enthusiasm she put into it is the proof.

My girlfriend, who found her pretty, agrees with me. She can show more without falling into the pornography that does not correspond to it at all.

Despite these small criticisms, I will renew my subscription because it deserves it. Looking forward to reading.

Best regards to you. Pic set coming at Met-Art on saturday. As far as I can see these are the pics to her last billard movie.

But I would really, really see her amazing body in all details, every curve, every birthmark, every muscle movement, every body orifice in close up, every amazing anatomical detail.

The naked female anatomy mesmerizes me. I adore nothing more than female nudity and Lily is, indeed, an uncommonly attractive woman, a woman who makes the hearts of men beats faster.

I would love to relish her nakedness, to see more creative postures, dancing, yoga, fitness, walking outdoors and all this, of course, in the complete state of nudity.

Thats that I want from a modern erotic site. Yes, you seem nice to me too. When you know about masturbation vids coming along, what is this discussion about?

The right thing to handle this endless complaining is staying true to herself. Like she says in her site intro: Oops, no update this week, yet?

You seem very nice to me and I respect your comments. Only, I feel like you are living on another planet when you express yourself on it.

You declare that she does not wish to go further than to strip herself in front of the objective. Do not forget that she made two sets of masturbation for Babes and two others for Femjoy.

So she took a step and following a question I asked her in February on her site I subscribed for 3 months , she replied that she would include as videos of masturbation.

Guerlain is a beautiful woman but does not idealize her anyway, otherwise she would have chosen another way. But remember who we are talking about.

From the very beginning in ? But I only let you come so close as I want it. That is what was so special. Every other woman would start to masturbate halfway through the movie.

But she only wanted to be admired as amazing and beautiful. And read the comments under her releases at Diesel.

She was always the one woman refusing to go further. Well, she is beautiful enough that I could accept that.

So what did you expect? Watch it in a very slow slideshow. This is a very, VERY amazing set. Such a beautiful woman! And so I stay with her site.

Most of her sets there are very good, if one can withstand the urge to get more than Guerlain really is. If you want other than Guerlain, there is SO much stuff in the business.

Mary Kalisy or Valeria A are soo good at masturbation videos. I would subscribe to their sites immediately. But Guerlain I only get at Lilychey.

What she proposes has already been seen hundreds of times on other sites, creating her own, I thought she was going to be different.

I do not imagine it would be porn, that would disappoint me, but more eroticism would certainly attract other subscribers. It was very nice to subscribe to a new site and get almost 20 sets immediately.

And for a solo site it is not that spectacular to get one update per week. I agree that Milenas new site developed very much more colorful in the same time, but the two women are not to be compared by their attitudes.

I think, her site is a gift for her fans. As such, I was not disappointed yet. I did subscribe for 1 month when she launched the site.

But I think she added to many Sets in one go. And they seem about a few years old aswell. It will lose a large part of its subscribers by offering only photos and soft video and at a slow pace.

Is there any hope for fans who rely on free content? Or is she totally done with making free videos? On her site, she is beautiful as always, but she has a little bit too many clothes on for my taste.

In creating her site, she should have brought something new and not content with what she was already doing before and in addition soft. The quantity is however pretty good, there are around new photos on the site.

As for the age of the photos, on her old Instagram she has multiple photos from her new site, they go back to around DecFeb On the other hand, I expected to discover a more audacious Lilly in her photos and videos, they are nothing exceptional, she is even more "wise" than in the past.

This tipping system is in the websites programming. But they all expect to get paying members for running theirs sites. The problem is that people expects things to be free.

Without income she will not produce any content, why should she? It is very simple to understand, make a small donation every month, click on the adds This is what I think.

Did you realize, that she has her own site now? When I see things right, she is releasing stuff from But as soon as there are enough paying members for make new shootings, she will start producing them.

I kinda miss those dancing videos she used to make. Yes, there is certainly lots of stuff everywhere. But it is torture to hold the possible releases in close range and then never release them.

D I think the permanent users at stacyq have a totally different taste in beauty than me. Guerlain and Sasha P releases there will stay in the archives forever.

I think there are also more videos of her waiting at sexykanda youtube channel. Probably just waiting to get more clicks on the adds.

Aww noo, it means voting for her against Sasha P. The said movie lost 3 times already and both updates will disappear for another few months when not voted successfully.

It hurts to know, there is stuff, but we will never see it because of this voting system. StasyQ has her as a an option we can vote for. Please go and vote, I love Said Energizer videos or her.

I chose the option 3 months per security. If the site is interesting, I would extend it. I thought of the last Femjoy set from September I remembered it different.

Just watched it again and it is very good. I see your point, but some people like to see a little bit more as we are used from her earlier work ; but I didnt want to complain, it was just constructive critic, I love her nonetheless!

Between, about what masturbation video from femjoy are you talking, never heard of that? Hihi, okay, I add another one: I must admit when it comes to Guerlain I am overly enthusiastic and in no way objective.

I admire her work from the very beginning. She is absolutely wonderful and she always made her work in her own way.

And in my way. I like to see a beautiful woman in different outfits, areas and situations, but I love to see the woman.

And I very much respect her for staying in that way for a very long time without giving in to all the hardcore enthusiasts around.

When I saw her sets at lilychey. I really have not the slightest reason to get critical. I have a huge collection of her work and the most beautiful explicit close ups come from errotica-archives.

If I want to see them I watch them. At her new site I get a very selfconscious Guerlain in good mood, smiling a lot, playful in a more mature way as seen at Diesel.

And the pic sets are in high quality. A pleasure for my eyes. And I am very minimalistic here. I really like to see the woman. As intimate as she wants us to see her.

But alright, you referred to the movies. Maybe you have a point there, but I liked them as they were. My preferations are with the pic sets.

I think you are wrong. They get as explicit as ever, but in another pace. They pleased me nonetheless, but at lilychey.

I really LOVE t h a t. I feel like the content on her Website is way less explicit than we are used to, in none of her videos is a good view on her pussy or ass for example.

For the amount of money a subscription costs, I think there should be more explicit material. Make your deepest fantasies Come true.

Those who appreciate Anastasia must subscribe to his personal website. Depending on the success, she will add other videos including masturbation.

We can ask her questions, she answers them very quickly. Six videos between 5mn and 11 mn each and many photos. We must hope that it will add others.

She has her own website?! It is a damn good movie and set, since these are screenshots. But why do you minus my post?

My criticism was not directed towards Anastasia but on the scenario of this video. There is more glamor than a billiard table. Looking at the image, it would seem more a video than a set.

Uhm, at Met-Art that is. Just to have that clear. A great day for fans of retired models. She is here too: I have just removed a number of them.

Lets get ontopic and talk our lovely model. BTW, who is the real loser? A loser that dream about a beautiful woman or a loser that need to read a bunch of comments from losers half way!

Or maybe a loser is who actually played and lost. I could only read half way up from the bottom the comments about this model. It is clear that there are a LOT of losers here who have no clue what to do with a woman.

Sia89 is her real Instagram account.. She speaks 3 or 4 languages fluently. Does anyone know when her real birthday is? Some websites say May 11 while others say November 5.

If you look at her sets it is obvious, that this set is an older one, but not as old as most of the other EA-sets.

I would suggest a shooting for it. She then made another maritime set named Brine for Met-Art and it seems to fit chronologically.

And regardless what any site says at any time, Guerlain was born in and so her age in every year of every calendar is quite easy to find out.

The shooting dates of several sets instead are miracles sometimes. Agree with you, we find the Guerlin we worship. Good day to you.

But nonetheless it is a fantastic surprise to see, that there are still sets to be released. I was stunned by surprise. On Her Own is still one of her sexiest videos.

Makes her look like a beautiful milf. If you want i can text it. You see the other video, backstage? Here is the link vk. You mean the video from wowgirls?

If so, no nothing similar. Are you talking about "The Bare Truth" from Diesel? Well, a nice movie, but if waiting for her talking it is barely worth the wait.

I know i have it Pictures of Natalia on Femjoy are beautiful and rather "hot". It remains my favorite model. Critics and nonsense are very different things, that was the reason of my post.

Yes, in 10 years she will be a star, at least for some of us, because, as you said models are so easily replaced, competition is very high.

I get on with you and you are one of the few people objective in this blog , sure , apart from the webmaster that must enforce the rules.

None here is speaking about the private of this girl and as far I am concerned i do not care about others life unless they are not people with whom I have relations in reality.

To be a star - apart from glory - can be very demanding as well , especially when your fans are criticizing you You are a real star when 10 years later or even more many people will be still talking about you.

All these naked model, glamour models wannabe are only good looking girls with a natural predisposition to show off their naked bodies or even to simulate a sexual intercourse and when they will leave, none will be missing them As for plastic surgery Just clearing some facts.

Big hug to all. The fact to have her support and cooperation to the group. Not "one more group" about her. You did the right stuff to remove my previous post and I beg pardon if if had violated your rules.

Some porno stars can also have beautiful gestures, but, to work at Broadway is another thing Just take a look at some Digital Playground movie where many porno stars look like Hollywood celebrities Though, if she was really so special do not you think that some real talent scout not the usual amateurish stuff could have noticed her in order to make some of different that to always show her body naked or , lately, to masturbate her self?

Of course, if you think that to open legs is a form of art, I do not have nothing else to add. One of your posts was removed because it was closed to insulting than to giving a form of feedback.

But like you, I also prefer models natural and would advice them to stay natural, as I often see a negative result of plastic surgery.

Respect that, or find another model. Personally, I think Anastasia is pretty unique as a model. She can perform as a leading role in music clips, photo shoots, sport videos etc.

I get on with you , and i would like to add: She is not classy and she often wears cheap female items Someone coul think that I am envious or something like that.

My answer is very easy: I am not because of many reasons. Regarding her plastic surgery , she should stop , or , within 10 years she might look like the Parthenon.

Since so many people here is debating about here , Miss Anastasia I hope that she has finally chosen a definitive nickname should at least to get into this blog and to say a big thank you to everyone who is in love with her censored Goodbye guys!

My previous post was censored, probably I went too far, but , I was only telling the truth. Most people are still looking for her " old photos " i,e, when she was still natural and not a whole of chemical stuff.

As far I am concerned she is extremely " overrated " and apart from Metart in the sites where she has made her last " hot " photo and videos Playboyplus and babes.

You are in VK? She used to be more cute than beautiful but still beautiful. And now, she looks more beautiful than cute.

I did not have it, yet. They reveal the updates of the next two days with one pic each. Regarding her hair length it is shot after the babes.

So somewhen in While we wait I want to share this short precious video: Yes but remember you have to vote every 24 hours, for a week!

The last time the video won but with the risk to lose! I share your view, especially as the video is shorter than the first half. For cons, I find more sensual.

As a VIP member, I have access to the complete video is beautiful. Unfortunately, its duration does not exceed 13 minutes, which is well short.

New Anastasia video at sexykanda www. Excuse me, without being a member, even the extract can be watched. In the excerpt, Lili masturbates but is more sensual than in the first video.

It think she is ;- www. But you not give any proof to us. If is true, say what set is and for what company is it.

Or you are just a troll. You have to accept She do whatever She wants. You can think what you want, but in fact these talkings are nonsense.

Art nude model,erotic model, softcore model and hardcore model. She is a model in art nude and erotic.

She is not a porn actress its true but she works with explicit porngrafic content you have to accpet this. By the way i agree that is not necessary post here our dreams altought i have sure that everyone has sexual fantasies with her.

New video of her on stasyQ stasyq. About the name, the change is due to Nastik request. About the photos, i can try to ask her for them and post on the group.

If you can, post a coment asking for that. Here is a valid link to canvin photography - www. Canvins site is out of reach at the moment.

In his last mail and on his site he says he will give access to his site somewhere in the future, but he never answered to my last inquiries.

But be sure, I will inform here instantly. So many mistakes in these last messages: Are you sure this is the right link? Calvin shoots only weddings?

When and where he posted photo shoots with Aleksa Slusarchi? What you said grew my hunger as well. Well, seems you have better contacts and luck than me: Also if you can, would you keep us informed if there iaresome news?

His site seems to be missing. I visited it via cache a few weeks ago, but now it is gone. Where have you lost me? And I think I lost you somewhere..

But you negotiated with Canvin Can I ask for a link to this site? He is still adding new sets, for example he added sets with Aleksa Slusarchi, so the worth of his site is growing and my hunger to get access grows exponentially.

Thank you very much. He always plans, but never does. I myself am after these shoots for a long time, often contacted him, but he always says the same: Speaking of serious things, I noticed that on the official group vk.

But in that image she appears as Nastik Kitsan, not Anastasia P as before. Do you know if there is a new canvin site?

Or where we the material could be available? Or could you provide any reliable link or contact? I could die wating: Yes, you said what I was about to wrote.

But I would add: Also, I like how you Europeans can handle a joke. Probably you are right , but , in a whole of lies there is always something of true and vice versa.

Regarding the people who have broadcast such kind of " news " , unluckily , the net is too wide to be properly monitored.

Have a good day. Rumors about her alleged shooting at spreading porn lustful idiots, not having anything to do with her. Every time they register here and spread their tales.

Someone could think that I am Jealous or envious: I like cute women. She has already worked for babes. Later she will say in her models - or something like that- website: I am an international model and i was an actress too: She could be a good MILF too, though.

Sometime it looks like a Goebbels pussy propaganda about a normal girl who is only talented to show her naked body and to behave like a model wannabe.

Once again my apologies to all. Again advertising their groups in discussions There and advertise yourself in your community. And here is a discussion Guerlain.

Hi to everyone, Official Fan Page vk. Have her approval and support!!! This is the one I was talking about www. Of course She is. Of course, only if enough people vote it on the site And if you do it, remember that it is necessary vote not jusr one time but every 24 hours.

Your notices are always right then, for you, do you think that Guerlain will continue to make videos as that for Babes. Thank you and good day to you.

How could I express my marvel for the grace, beauty and sweetness of The Lady? I am usually not that much of a fan of playboyplus, but with Guerlain!

But the will return, maybe next November?

Anastasia Sia Video

Anastasia Cia - I know you want it

Anastasia sia - opinion

Liebe Miho, danke für deine lieben Worte: Schön, dass du mich gefunden hast: Hallo Sia, also nochmal grad war alles weg: Und für Soulfood habe ich ebenfalls viel übrig. Ich komm bald wieder, denn es gefällt mir sehr hier! Liebe Miri, ich freue mich sehr, dass du hierher gefunden hast und es dir hier gefällt:

sia anastasia - thanks how

Deshalb können wir für diese fremden Inhalte auch keine Gewähr übernehmen. Oktober um Bei Bekanntwerden von Rechtsverletzungen werden wir derartige Links umgehend entfernen. Was mir aufgefallen ist: Januar um Und dann bin ich hier gelandet und will nicht mehr weg! Ui du kommst auch aus dem Ländle? Echt super, Deine Rezepte sind toll!!! Deine E-Mail-Adresse wird nicht veröffentlicht. Tolle Bilder - Bleib einfach dran, auch mit Deinen Bildern!! Liebe Isabelle, danke für deine lieben Worte: Mai um Liebe Sia, du hast einen wundervollen Blog! Danke liebe Liselotte, das freut mich wirklich sehr: Sie können die Installation der Cookies durch eine entsprechende Einstellung Ihrer Browser Software verhindern; wir weisen Sie jedoch darauf hin, dass Sie in diesem Fall gegebenenfalls nicht sämtliche Funktionen dieser Website voll umfänglich nutzen können. Schön ist es bei dir! Du bist wunderschön und kannst auch noch wunderbar kochen und backen! Ich liebe es in der Küche zu stehen um zu kochen und zu backen. Bei Bekanntwerden von Rechtsverletzungen werden wir derartige Inhalte umgehend entfernen. Das ist mein Hobby, mein Ausgleich und darin gehe ich auf. Und dann kommst du noch just in deutsch meiner Heimat, ich habe einige Jahre in Welzheim gewohnt hinter Schorndorf: März um Ich freue mich auf deine künftigen Besuche! März um Soweit auf unseren Seiten personenbezogene Daten beispielsweise Name, Anschrift oder eMail-Adressen erhoben werden, erfolgt dies, soweit möglich, stets auf freiwilliger Basis. April um Nichtsdestotrotz hat natürlich jede Jahreszeit seine schöne Seiten. Heute kommen Chocoholics voll tipps und tricks furs casino ihre Kosten! Du bist wunderschön und kannst auch noch wunderbar kochen und backen! No deposit bonus usa mobile casino liebe es in der Küche zu stehen um zu kochen und zu backen. November um Eishockey bayern um Tritt Facebook bei, um anastasia sia mit Anastasia Sia und anderen Nutzern, die du kennst, zu vernetzen.


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